2017-2018 State Qualifiers:

Shawn Murray Photograhy


Carly Reed

Madison Errick

Brynn Cygan

Skylar Waid

Sara DeLong

Hannah Fleniken

Kendra Niver

Genecis Easton


Irelyn Rounsville

Lynzee Nolder

  XCEL Silver:

Kaylee Oswald

Natalie McDowell

XCEL Gold:

Ashley Oswald

Anna Schuessler

 Level 6:

Michaella Rhodes

Laci Miller

Selin Sumer

Austin Lawton

Lanie Allen

Melissa Diegel


There are no sectional competitions at any level for the state of PA.  Qualifying scores to the PA State Championships are as follows:

LEVEL 2:     No State competition

LEVEL 3:     33.00

LEVEL 4:     34.00

LEVEL 5:     32.00

LEVEL 6:     34.00

XCEL:           33.00 (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond)

XCEL Bronze:  No State Competition